Valentine’s / GALentine’s Sunset Safari

There’s nothing better than spending time with the special people in your life at a special place and time.

Our Sunset Safaris are designed just for that.  While you are seated in our African Safari tent and the sun is setting, we’ll bring some of our amazing animal ambassadors out to meet you.

One of our keepers will “edutain” you with fascinating things our ambassadors and their wild cousins undertake to find and entice Mr. or Mrs. Right.  Whether you want a quiet time with your special someone or a “Girls’ Night Out” with your BFFs, you’ll enjoy hearing about the curious practices in the animal kingdom.

Feel free to bring a little picnic or indulge yourself in your favorite Happy Hour food and beverage.  We’ll provide a fun and educational glimpse into what “love is in the air” means for a surprising variety of animals.

These special Safaris are offered from Wednesday, February 9 through Tuesday, February 15 at 4:30PM and 5:00PM.  The price is $250 for up to 4 people.  If you don’t find an availability that fits your schedule, call us at 760 630 9230, and we’ll attempt to find something that will work.

Additional important information:

  • This is not a tour – you relax and we’ll bring the ambassadors to you!
  • Because we are a private facility, our bathrooms are only for our staff and volunteers.
  • Remember to bring everything you’ll need for your snack / Happy Hour (plates, napkins, glasses, food storage bags, etc).
  • We ask that you pack out your trash.