What is Wild Wonders?

Wild Wonders is where kids and adults can connect with animals from all over the world.  Through live tours and interactive programs, our 120 animal ambassadors and educators will take you on a dynamic adventure you won’t forget.


Our motto is “Rescue.  Educate.  Conserve”, and our educators will share the stories behind the animals, the adaptations they have to help them survive in the wild, and what conservation challenges they face.


Our goal is to excite the public and foster a desire to preserve and learn about wildlife, and the important role they play in the planet we share. 


All of our onsite Animal Experience tours are by appointment only, and must be booked through our website.  Your tour will be exclusively for your group, allowing your keeper / educator to focus only on you.

We are OPEN!  Book your tour now!


People 65 and over may want to consider visiting at a later date.


Not comfortable venturing out yet?  We have several “virtual safaris” that you can enjoy from whatever location you choose.


Celebrate your Special Event at Wild Wonders


Celebration Area

Summer is the time for celebrations, and if you want to make yours extra special, consider a Celebration VIP Behind the Scenes Tour at Wild Wonders.  You’ll get one of our private, interactive tours, a surprise visit from one of our ambassadors, and access to one of our two lovely locales to enjoy a picnic.

Brunch with a Cheetah


Upcoming Events


Everything you Want to Know about Cats

DATE CHANGE:  Join us on for a very special Zoom Broadcast featuring our fabulous felines!  Our new date for the broadcast will be Saturday July 11, at 10:00AM, California time.


Look Who’s New!


Our NEW Wallaby!

Meet our NEW nine-month old Bennett’s Wallaby as part of our Wallaby Walkabout Experience!

Meet our NEW Siberian Lynx!

Watch us work with Tashi in our Cat Education 101 Experience.


Look What’s New!


Watch us at home or in the classroom

Want to experience one of our Education Programs while you’re at home?  We can host an exclusive LIVE video VIRTUAL SAFARI just for you, or you can watch a recording of one of our programs.

Animal Activity Kits

Our Activity Kits are fun and educational for kids and adults alike.  Along with puzzles, coloring pages, and interesting factoids, you get a LIVE 10 minute video chat with one of the animals featured in the kit.


Our Animal Experiences


Kids touching tortoise

Besides our Behind the Scenes Experience, we offer 6 additional “deep dives” with particular animals (e.g., cheetah, bearcat, wallaby, …), and an “Ultimate” Experience where you can create a custom experience for your group.

Let us introduce you to animals from all over the world with our Behind the Scenes Experience.  Your keeper / educator will lead you on an interactive, educational, and fun tour of our 5-acre facility where you’ll meet and interact with many of our amazing animal ambassadors.  The price is $175 for 4 people.  Additional adults (18+) are $30, and additional children (17 and under) are just $15.  Our Behind the Scenes experiences are approximately 60 minutes long and are offered every day of the week from 9AM – 1PM.

If you have pre-paid for your Experience and just need to book a date and time, click here for a reservation request.

Have a large group that wants to visit?  Tell us more about your group here, and we’ll contact you.


Our Cheetahs


Meet our Cheetahs

Victor, Masika, and Hasani are our majestic cheetah ambassadors.  All of our unique Animal Experiences include a stop at our cheetah exercise yard where your keeper / educator will tell you more about them and their cheetah cousins in the wild.

Join us for our Meet and Greet a Cheetah Experience!  After a “cheetah chat” with your keeper / educator, we will bring one of the cheetahs out on a leash where you’ll get a photo op of yourself near one of these incredible animals.

Brunch with a Cheetah

Our Breakfast with the Beasts Experience affords you a luscious breakfast directly in front of the cheetah exercise yard.  As you enjoy your meal, your keeper / educator will tell you about our cheetahs, and the challenges cheetahs face in the wild.


More Experiences at Wild Wonders


Can’t decide on just one Experience?  Create YOUR ULTIMATE combination by SELECTING ANY two, three, or four of our Experiences to make your visit something you’ll never forget!

Choose from among Meet and Greet a Cheetah, Meet and Feed a Bearcat, Fennec Foxes and Friends, Wallaby Walkabout, Cat training 101, and Reptiles from Around the World.

All Experiences include a tour of our 5 acre facility.

Wallaby Walkabout

Meet Piper, our Bennett’s Wallaby!  Take a seat in her habitat, offer her some treats, and stare into her beautiful brown eyes.  You’ll also meet her habitat-mates – three adorable Patagonian cavies.

Each of our interactive animal Experiences comes with a tour of our 5 acre facility.

Meet and Feed a Bearcat

One of our most unique animal ambassadors is from Southeast Asia and called a Binturong, or Bearcat.  This inquisitive arboreal loves fruit.  We’ll supply you with some to feed to him, and you’ll also be able to feel his coarse fur. Like all of our interactive Experiences, this one will include a tour of our 5 acre facility.


Experiences For All Ages All Year Round


Zookeeper Mentor Program

If you have a budding Zookeeper 13 years of age or older, have them spend a one-on-one session with one of our Keepers.

Family Zoo Camp

Offered all year, the Family Zoo Camp is a three hour experience for the animal loving family.


Our Global Conservation Partners




Wild Wonders is a member of the American Association of Zookeepers and accredited by the Zoological Association of America.