Meet the Amazing Animals at Wild Wonders


Our 5 acre wild animal refuge is a forever home to over 100 animal ambassadors from all over the world.  Whether four-legged, two-legged, or no-legged, you’ll marvel at their uniqueness and at what an important role they play in the planet we share.

Check out our Amazing and Interactive On-Site Tours and Experiences.  All Tours and Experiences are by reservation only.

We can Bring our Ambassadors to You to make your School Assembly, Library Program, or other event Really Special.


Upcoming Events


Zoo Camp

It’s ZOO CAMP sign-up time!  Our Zoo Camps are awesome fun.  Through interactions with our “creature teachers” and great activities, kids learn what it’s like to be a Zookeeper.  Many kids come back year after year!  Plus, they’ll also get a full tour of Wild Wonders.

Costa Rica

Our travel subsidiary, Wild Ecotours, is going to colorful and exotic Costa Rica this August!  If you’ve ever wanted to visit this nearby paradise, let the travel and nature experts at Wild Ecotours be your hosts.  


Our Cats


Meet Tavi

Tavi is our majestic cheetah ambassador.  In our “Meet and Greet a Cheetah” experience, we’ll bring Tavi out of his habitat on a leash.  Of course federal law prohibits touching him, but just seeing him in a natural setting is breathtaking.  You’ll also meet his companion BFF, Yara, a yellow Lab, and learn their incredible story.  All Experiences at Wild Wonders include our “Behind the Scenes” tour where your private guide will introduce you to many more of our ambassadors.

Sabi the Serval

Meet Sabi

Sabi is a serval – a very unique cat from Africa.  Servals are known for their extraordinary leaping ability.  They can jump 8-10 feet in the air to capture birds.  You can watch a training session with Sabi, and see Tavi (our cheetah) and his BFF yellow lab Yara in their exercise yard in our “All About Cats” experience.  And, all of our Experiences include our “Behind the Scenes” tour where you’ll meet and interact with many more interesting and fascinating animal ambassadors on our 5-acre facility.


What Our Visitors Say


“An amazing experience for animal lovers. The facility was beautifully kept, the animals were clearly loved and well cared for, and the staff was friendly, knowledgeable and caring. I would highly recommend a visit!”

“We did the fennec fox experience and it was SO incredible. We got to meet and pet many different animals, including opossum, legless lizard, tortoise, kinkajou, groundhog, and more. The staff were all super nice and you can tell the animals are treated with a lot of care. Highly highly recommend!”

“Great experience feeding the bearcat. Second time my husband and I did it and would do it again! Animals are well taken care of and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.”


Let Wild Ecotours Take you to Africa and Beyond


Our travel subsidiary, Wild Ecotours, has announced its 2024 travel preview.  Destinations include Africa, Costa Rica, Borneo, and the Yucatan.  The trips are going to be spectacular!




Our Global Conservation Partners





Trip Advisor Travel Award Winner for 2021


Wild Wonders has been recognized as a  2021 Travelers’ Choice Winner.  This achievement celebrates businesses that consistently deliver fantastic experiences to visitors, having earned great traveler reviews on Tripadvisor over the last 12 months. As challenging as the past year was, Wild Wonders stood out by continuously delighting visitors.  Thank you to all of our visitors who submitted your experiences to Tripadvisor!

Wild Wonders is a member of the American Association of Zookeepers and accredited by the Zoological Association of America.