Wild Wonders’ Conservation Partners Around the World

Arctictus Binturong Conservation is committed to protecting Binturongs in the rain forests of Southeast Asia.  They are the sponsors of World Binturong Day each May, and their website has many fun educational materials for children.

The Sun Bear Conservation Centre is a “must see” on Wild Ecotours‘ (a subsidiary of Wild Wonders) safaris to Borneo.


The Cheetah Conservation Fund does amazing work protecting cheetahs in the wild.


Cheetah Outreach is based in South Africa.  The cheetahs at Wild Wonders came to us through Cheetah Outreach.


Wild dogs (or painted dogs) are noted for their unusual markings. They are reclusive, but sometimes can be seen on the safaris led by Wild Ecotours, a subsidiary of Wild Wonders.  The Painted Dog Conservancy in Zimbabwe is focused on protecting these animals as they are one of the most endangered species in Africa.

Our love of cotton-topped tamarins began when fun little “Mozart” called Wild Wonders his forever home.  Proyecto Titi is working to save these critically endangered primates in Columbia.