We’ve been lucky enough to work with a number of well respected groups and foundations.  Please take a moment and read what some of them have had to say about us.

Dear Jackie and Kimberly,

Thank you very much for the visit from Wild Wonders. The children enjoyed the variety of animals that you shared: Madagascar hissing cockroaches, scarlet bellied millipedes, a kinkachoo, a baby grey fox, a hairy screaming armadillo, an alligator, a desert tortoise, a boa constrictor, and a wallaby. The Children’s Librarian who attended said that the hairy screaming armadillo stole the show. She also noted that your staff was very entertaining and informative and great at soliciting audience interaction. They kept the program going at a good pace while still letting the audience contribute and ask questions. Again, many thanks for your presentation. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Maida Lin Wong
Senior Librarian, Children’s Services




I am writing this letter on behalf of Wild Wonders/Zoofari Inc. and Jackie Navarro. We have worked with Jackie and her organization since the inception of Animal Planet in 1996 and I highly recommend her and Wild Wonders.

Although Wild Wonders has provided our company with animals and educational presentations for a wide variety of opportunities, their participations in Animal Planet Expo has set them apart from any other organization with whom we have worked. Animal Planet Expo was our premier consumer marketing tour, reaching over 250,000 consumers each summer. Wild Wonders was charged with creating and presenting four to six stage shows each weekend day to crowds of 10,000 to 20,000 people each day. Wild Wonders executed this role professionally, in an entertaining manner, always keenly aware of animal and consumer safety. More importantly, Wild Wonders became and was an integral part of our Animal Planet Expo Family.

Through the entire eleven years of Animal Planet Expo, Wild Wonders was our sole provider of educational/informational and entertainment type animal presentations. I can not recommend an organization more highly than I do Jackie Navarro and Wild Wonders and would be happy to speak to you regarding this company at any time.

Anne Murphy, VP Marketing
Discovery Communications


I have had the Wild Wonders presentations in my classroom for ten years and now for our complete grade level for the past seven years.  We have had all five programs Wild Wonders offers, and have found each program to be very educational and high interest.  This is learning at its best!  The parents who attend are also amazed at how much they learn.  We find the programs to be safe, informational, and relevant.  The presenters have all been very professional and competent, both in their knowledge and in their ability to work with the children.  I have used these programs in first through third grades, but they would be beneficial and geared to any grade level.  Our local PTA has been an excellent source of funding for us, because they are so impressed with the programs.

Thank you, Jackie and Wild Wonders!

Naomi Chism
Third Grade Chairperson
Sierra Vista Elementary School



I have worked with Jackie Navarro and Wild Wonders, Inc. on several outreach education presentations as well as several television shows with her live animal ambassadors as well as visited her facility in north San Diego, CA. I have found Wild Wonder’s animals to be in excellent health and very comfortable in their public roles. The facility is clean, the keepers are educated and professional, and the animals are given the best in nutritional care, behavioral enrichment, veterinary care and husbandry training. Jackie is also very active in supporting conservation efforts worldwide. I recommend Wild Wonders and Zoofari Inc. for membership.

Thank You,
Jack Hanna
Director Emeritus
Columbus Zoo



Dear Jackie,

Thank you for coming to the 2003 White House Easter Egg Roll and especially for entertaining the children and their adult guests. Your engaging performance delighted everyone and helped create happy memories for thousands of military families. We appreciate your participation in a unique and longtime White House tradition.

George W. & Laura Bush