Personalized Video Greeting Cards Featuring your Choice of Animal Ambassadors!

We bet you know someone who’d like to receive a Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday video with wishes from one of our ambassadors.  Does little Tricia love hedgehogs?  Maybe your older brother would like to be greeted by Nola, one of our iguanas.  Does Aunt Sally have fond memories of wallabies when she visited Australia?

We can create a custom video about one minute in length where we’ll introduce and interact with your favorite ambassador.  We’ll upload the video to Vimeo which will make it easy to view from your phone, tablet, or laptop, and easy to share with other family members and friends.

Check out our sample birthday greeting to Hayley on Vimeo.

IMPORTANT:  Allow 72 hours for us to make the video and get it ready for you.

The duration of each video will be about one minute.  The price of the video is $40 for all ambassadors except for our cheetahs.  Cheetah videos are $55.

Please fill in the form below and we’ll contact you to confirm the details and tell you how to submit payment..

Video Greeting Card

Actual screen grab from our sample greeting card.