Birthday Parties with Live Animals

Invite a Few Unexpected Guests to your Birthday Celebration


If you live in the Southern California area, let Wild Wonders bring some live animals to your birthday party.  Imagine being up close to an adorable pygmy hedgehog, meeting America’s only marsupial, or watching a kinkajou hang upside down and eat grapes.  A professional keeper / educator will bring 6 different animals from all over the world to the delight of your party guests.  With each one, you’ll learn about their unique characteristics and the conservation strategies to help keep their wild cousins safe.

With over 30 years of experience presenting programs to kids of all ages, you can trust Wild Wonders to create the perfect combination of amazing animal ambassadors for the age group of your party-goers.

*Disclaimer: Final animal selection is up to the discretion of Wild Wonders.  Our selection will include 4 warm-blooded animals (examples include an armadillo or a hedgehog or a kinkajou) and 2 cold-blooded animals (examples include a lizard or a tortoise or a snake).    Do let us know if your child has an aversion to a particular animal.


Presentation Details

  • The program will be roughly 45 minutes in length
  • Entertaining for all ages!
  • A professional will present each animal in a fun and educational format
  • The birthday child is the “Junior Zookeeper” for the day and gets to do everything first!
  • Pricing begins at $450 and covers parties with up to 25 people; additional fees apply to larger parties.
  • Pricing does not include mileage

Meeting a hedgehog


“I just wanted to let you know that we had the most lovely time at the birthday party yesterday. Our friends had never experienced an animal birthday like that and were blown away by the experience! The kids were riveted, and everyone had a fabulous time.”

— lg

“We had Wild Wonders come to our house for my daughters 8th birthday.  It was amazing!  The zookeepers were awesome with the kids and we all learned so much.  I think the parents enjoyed it more than the kids!  Everyone is still talking about it.”

— lh

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  • Customer agrees to abide by the recommendations (helpful tips), listed nearby.   It is especially important that the program begin ON TIME.


*Disclaimer: Children under five years of age will not be allowed to touch reptiles for their safety.

Helpful Tips / FAQ

  1. When arranging the contract, the time stated to start the program is important.  We recommend that you invite guests to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to when the animal program is scheduled to begin.  IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE STAY ON SCHEDULE.
  2. Please provide a close parking or unloading space.
  3. If outside, please provide an area in the shade with a wall/ bushes/ etc. for us to set up against (this is so there is no traffic behind the animals).
  4. Help keep the animals a surprise while we are setting up.
  5. Please withhold snacks during the presentation.
  6. If you have an air jump, please deflate it during the presentation.
  7. Please have payment ready in the form of cash or check (this will help to keep the keeper / educator on time.) (Checks made out to Wild Wonders). Gratuity is not included in the fee. Our staff depends on and appreciates your gratuity.
  8. For the safety of the children and the animals, please help us supervise the children.
  9. For the parents who attend and wish not to participate in the program, please have an area away from the program for the adults to socialize, so the keeper / educator will not have to strain to be heard.
  10. More questions?  See our FAQ page.