Our Animals

We have over 100 animal ambassadors at our Wild Wonders site in San Diego’s North County.  They come from all over the world, and range in size from our 80 pound cheetahs to our tiny Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

We are not a public facility, so when you visit Wild Wonders your tour will be exclusively for your group.  You will be excited, energized, and thrilled with our informational and interactive Animal Experiences, such as “Meet and Greet a Cheetah”, “Meet and Feed a Bearcat”, or “Fennec Fox and Friends”.

Many of our ambassadors are available to visit schools, libraries, churches, birthday parties, and special events where they participate in one of our geographically-themed Education Programs, such as “Walk on the Wild Side” or “The Emerald Forest”.

Check out the details about our animals from Africa, South and Central America, Australia and Asia, and North America.

Take a close look at our bearcats, fennec foxes, or wallabies.