The Wild Wonders wildlife education center houses over 120 animals located on 5 acres in Bonsall, CA. Many of these animals have been confiscated, are non-releasable or owner relinquished, and all of them are now animal ambassadors that help us educate the community about the importance of wildlife conservation and preservation. We provide a nurturing permanent home for these “creature-teachers”, and strive to give these animals the best care from nutrition and behavioral enrichment to medical needs.

How you can help


We offer two types of structured volunteer positions: animal husbandry and promoting the vision of Wild Wonders. Our animal husbandry volunteer positions are geared toward those looking for experience in the wildlife field.  Volunteer duties typically consist of assisting staff with the feeding, cleaning and socializing of our animals.  This requires a lot of physical activity.  Our facility is on a hill, so you will be walking up and down hills over uneven terrain.  Many of the husbandry duties require that you pick up items from the floor of the enclosure, or bend over to retrieve food and water bowls.  You will be physically tired at the end of your shift.

In return for this very special opportunity to work closely with animals, Wild Wonders has rigorous expectations of our animal husbandry volunteers. By accepting you into the volunteer program, Wild Wonders’ staff is making a considerable investment in you in terms of the amount of time you will need to become trained. Here is a list of requirements about your work:

• You must commit to 4 hours a week on a specific day
• You must be ON TIME for your shift
• Your commitment must be for a minimum of 3 months
• You must get your shift covered if you are going to miss it
• If you miss more than one shift a month even if you get it covered, you will be terminated from the volunteer program

If you are not prepared to make this commitment, then it is better to not join the volunteer program than to join and have to leave.

You must be 18 years or older AND YOU MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED FOR COVID-19.

For volunteers wishing to help us promote Wild Wonders, the tasks can be varied. You may be asked to help create promotional material for events, write press releases, or do some light business development.

We also need great landscapers, welders, and carpenters.


Get Started!


Fill out this volunteer application

If you have any questions please call our office at (760) 630-9230