Wildlife Care Specialists

Education Ambassador Lead
Wild Wonders, Bonsall, CA

Wild Wonders is a 5 acre Outreach and onsite education facility located in North San Diego County California comprised of 85 animal ambassadors and over 45 species. Our mission is to Rescue, Educate and Conserve. Wild Wonders presents almost 1000 education programs (Onsite and Offsite) per year utilizing the animal ambassador collection. Looking for a passionate, progressive, enthusiastic individual with great communication skills to make a big difference in a small facility!

Position Overview:

This is a full-time supervisory position with the potential to work one day/week remotely. Will be responsible for reporting directly to the Director. This is a multifaceted position and will be responsible for the development, implementation and marketing of all programs. Will provide leadership in all aspects of animal care, training, and support of staff as well as participating in strategic planning long term.

Principal Duties:

  • Lead, coordinate manage facility wide initiatives as well as operating budget management in conjunction with the Director
  • Manage resources
  • New strategies to improve efficiency and organization
  • Works closely with the director to develop long term strategic goals.
  • Cultivates relationships with outside Institutions , networks with colleagues, and markets programs to increase reach.
  • Oversees staff including coaching, and disciplinary.
  • Represents the facility in a professional manner to the public and promotes the mission.
  • Communication: develops strong methods to disseminate information to staff, actively collaborates(internal and externally with peers), job performance.
  • Can clearly communicate expectations and make appropriate decisions
  • Can provide and present enthusiastic programs.
  • Provide the upmost in animal welfare as pertains to Husbandry and training of animals.
  • Lead, communicate and collaborate on income making initiatives
  • Maintain positive, effective working relationships with staff, volunteers, colleagues, and outside providers.
  • Perform other tasks and duties assigned by Director.

Education and Pre-requisites:

  • Bachelor of Science degree preferred.
  • A demonstrated working knowledge of zoological operations and strong ethical standards.
  • Well organized and strong leadership, time management, detail orientated, foster an environment of inclusiveness, and communication skills.
  • Knowledge of Animal Care software
  • May require on call
  • Working knowledge of Husbandry and complete with the highest standards and programming in a zoological setting.
  • Provide coverage when necessary.
  • High level of responsibility and personal drive.
  • Calm demeanor and clear concise communication skills.
  • Ability to conduct effective programs.
  • Knowledge of Husbandry , captive animal management and operant conditioning.
  • Ability to work in a physically demanding position.
  • Ability to work weekends and holidays.

Benefits and Compensation:

  • Salary commensurate with experience.
  • Week paid vacation in South Africa lodging included after one year.
  • Medical stipend.
  • California provides sick pay and Cal saver retirement program which employers participate.

How to Apply:

Please send resume and 2 references to: wildwonders@att.net.