Purchasing a Gift Card

Electronic gift cards for any amount can be purchased online here.  When you purchase a gift card, we will send an email to the recipient with instructions on how to use it for our onsite Experiences, Tours or our offsite programs.  You can even customize the email they receive with a personal message!

Your animal-loving friends will be overjoyed and can choose which of our Tours and Experiences they prefer. Our Zoo Camps are $90, our Tours and Experiences start at $195. and for $295, you can give a teen a half day with our staff in our Zookeeper Mentor Program.  You can make your friends happy with any amount!

See our Tours and Experiences pages for current pricing on all of our offerings.

Note:  Gift Cards are not redeemable for our special event programs (e.g. Twilight Tours) or fundraisers.

Buy a gift Card

Redeeming a Gift Card

It’s super easy to apply your gift card to one of our onsite Experiences.  Your gift card comes with a number that you simply type in the reservation form when you’re ready to book the date and time of your tour.

Remember that the Gift Card number is case-sensitive, so type it exactly as it appears on the Card.The amount of the gift card will automatically be deducted from the cost of the total cost of your booking.  That’s it!