Special Events

Considerations for Special Event Programs during the COVID-19 virus spread

Counties across the area are now limiting groups to a size of 250 people or less.  If you have booked or are thinking of booking one of our Special Event Programs, you need to ensure that you will be in compliance with this new requirement.

We will still happily come to your location for a program.  If you have had a program with us before, you know we ALWAYS have hand sanitizer and that all people who touch animals are required to make use of this.  We will be bringing additional hand sanitizer, but AT YOUR DISCRETION we will make your program “no touch”.

Another option that we can offer in lieu of one of our offsite programs is a field trip to Wild Wonders.  Since Wild Wonders is an exclusive, private facility, your group will be the only one visiting, and you will be complying with the “social distancing” guidelines that are being widely recommended.

Our animal ambassadors make a unique and beautiful addition to any event.  We have over 120 animals at our location, and through our network of other humane, ethical, and compassionate animal organizations, we can work to find you the animal that will make your event the memorable occasion you want it to be.

We can work with groups of 10-10,000 people in indoor or outdoor venues.

Our animals are healthy, happy, and very comfortable in their public roles.  Each animal is accompanied by a well-dressed professional keeper / educator.

Please note deposits are NOT refundable.


Presentation Details

  • Animals are available for company picnics, “Meet and Greets”, conservation fundraisers, etc.
  • Animals will attend events until 9pm
  • Base fees includes one keeper / educator and 2 animals
  • Event fees start at $395 for the first hour / $275 for each additional hour. Fees DO NOT include mileage*


Helpful Tips

1. A schematic of location as well as directions are appreciated (i.e. loading specs).

2. Location for animals should be as far away from live bands, large balloons, rides, etc. as possible.

3. The following items may be required:

  • Solid backdrop
  • Secured area with stanchion
  • Table


To make a reservation, fill out the form below, and we will contact you

Terms and Conditions:
1. Wild Wonders realizes that unexpected events may arise which do not permit you to make the date and time you have requested and confirmed. No refunds will be granted for cancellations 48 hours or less before your visit, but you can use the money you paid toward a future visit.
2. Wild Wonders reserves the right to reschedule your Experience due to extreme weather or other emergencies.

Beautiful animals.
Top-notch staff and volunteers!

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