Our Education Programs Are Now Available to you LIVE or RECORDED

Since we can’t come to you in person, the next best thing is to come to you LIVE or via a prerecorded video!

Want to “Walk on the Wild Side” from home?  See some “Small Wonders from Down Under” from your sofa?  Visit “Our Big Backyard” from your virtual classroom?  Now, you can!  We’re making two options available:

  • A LIVE session with a keeper / educator introducing you to our animal ambassadors and followed by Q&A session
  • A prerecorded video of one our programs.

The first programs to be available are “Walk on the Wild Side” and “The Emerald Forest”, and we’ll be offering additional ones soon thereafter.  Find out about all of our Education programs here.

Four our LIVE session, all you need is Zoom software (downloadable for free), and a good internet connection.

Watching our prerecorded videos is just like watching any video online – no special software needed.  We can make them available to you via Vimeo or Google Drive.  To see more information about or to order our prerecorded programs, click here.

The price of the LIVE program is $150, with discounts available for schools.  The price of a prerecorded program is $50, which entitles you to unlimited views for 48 hours.

For more information about or to schedule our LIVE video experiences, fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you.  For prerecorded videos, click here.