If you’re not yet able to host a program from Wild Wonders at your site, the next best thing is to view one of our Education programs on a prerecorded video.

Want to “Walk on the Wild Side” from home?  Visit “Our Big Backyard” or “The Emerald Forest” from your virtual classroom?  Wild Wonders has videos that can be rented for 2 days or longer.

Watching our prerecorded videos is just like watching any video online – no special software needed.  We can make them available to you via Vimeo or Google Drive.  We have two pricing options for videos based on potential audience size and the duration that you want the video open for viewing:

  •  For audience sizes of 75 people or fewer (about 3 classroom sizes), videos are priced at $100, and include unlimited viewings for 48 hours.
  • For audience sizes greater than 75 people, videos are priced at $150, and included unlimited viewings for 96 hours.

Additional days are $7.50 / day.

The Walk on the Wild Side video features:

  • Cinderella, an opossum from North America
  • Bayou, an alligator from North America.
  • Ceylon, a pygmy hedgehog from Africa
  • Arnie, an armadillo from South America
  • Kaya, a kinkajou from South America
  • Bufo, a poisonous cane toad from Australia


The Emerald Forest video features:

  • AJ, an amazon parrot
  • Lola, a green iguana
  • Brownie, a boa constrictor
  • Pico, a paca (a rodent with very interesting markings)
  • Holly Jolly, a dwarf screaming hairy armadillo (that’s it’s actual name)
  • Kima, a kinkajou


The Our Big Backyard video features:

  • Snowpea, a porcupine
  • Princess Jasmine, a Virginia opossum
  • Little T, a desert tortoise
  • Meadow, a gray fox
  • Elvis, a king snake
  • Archie, a Great Horned Owl


Once you have chosen the video you want to watch, we will coordinate with you on the starting date and time that you want the video to be available.  We will email you a link to the video and the password, and you can distribute it to your audience.  After the duration you’ve chosen, we will change the access so the video cannot be seen.


The video was excellent and my daughter loved it very much. Thank you.

— from a viewer of our Walk on the Wild Side video

The video was a success! I noticed there were a lot of views and I received emails from several teachers saying how much they enjoyed it. I liked how the girl who presented was very energetic and easy to understand. The information presented and the format of the video was great too!

— from a viewer of our Walk on the Wild Side video which was shared at an elementary school

Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome SRP show!! My kids absolutely loved it. They all went on about different things they liked about it like the animals featured and the facts shared. Dylan said, “Mom, I think I liked it more than Naruto and that means it was really good!” I didn’t get a chance to watch it with them, but I will soon. 

Thank you to you and the Children’s staff for a fun SRP!

— from a viewer of our Walk on the Wild Side video which was part of a library Summer Reading Program