Animal Experience Tours

We offer several interactive and FUN experiences that are educational and conservation-oriented.  Our “Behind the Scenes” tour will introduce you to animals from all over the world and you’re keeper / educator will make sure you have interactions with ambassadors appropriate for the age level of your group.  If you’d like a “deep dive” with a particular animal (e.g. Meet and Greet a Cheetah or Wallaby Walkabout), our Interactive Animal Experiences will be of interest.  All Experiences include the “Behind the Scenes” tour of our facility where you’ll meet many more of our ambassadors..

During school breaks, we offer Zoo Camps for kids 6-12.  Our Family Zoo Camps and our Zookeeper Mentor Program for kids 13+ (a one-on-one half day spent with one of our keepers) are offered all year.

All of our programs are hosted by one of a professional keeper / educators who will leave you with an even stronger love of wildlife and the desire to help them survive in the wild.

Choose between several different Experiences

Interactive Animal Experiences

Zoo Camps for Kids, Young Adults & Families


Amazing animals and teachers to teach you and learn about all the different animals they have rescued!

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