It’s hard to imagine a more unique animal than a wallaby!  Their huge back feet have earned them the scientific classification of “macropod”, and their hopping form of locomotion really sets them apart from other animals.

What’s also special about them is their gentle nature. 

In our “Wallaby Walkabout” Experience, you’ll enter their habitat accompanied by one of our keeper / educators, and offer them some of their favorite treats:  freshly picked Mulberry leaves.  Whether you’ll meet Piper (who may hog the treats), Taz (who might sneak in for a quick look), or Kiki (who would still prefer to being carried around), this is sure to be a special, heartwarming, and interactive experience. 

You’ll also learn about our conservation partner, Wildlife Victoria, which rescued and cared for so many injured animals in the terrible fires that engulfed Australia in 2019 and 2020.