Thanksgiving Dinner with the Animals


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Besides spending time with friends and family, many of us recall Thanksgiving as a day where we eat until we can hardly move.  There’s always a wide variety of food and lots of it.  And each of us has a favorite dish – whether it’s the main course, one of the side dishes or dessert.

In our Thanksgiving Dinner with the Animals Zoom broadcast, we’ll showcase which dishes our animal ambassadors would love the most if they sat down to have dinner with us.  Who do you think has the sweet tooth and only wants dessert?  Who would go for the yam side dish?  And who is only interested in the main course?

Join us on Saturday, November 21, at 10:00AM (California time) for a one hour Zoom broadcast where you’ll meet some of our ambassadors and see them enjoy their favorite dish from what their Thanksgiving Dinner table would look like.

The cost is $20 per dial-in connection.

Thanksgiving Dinner with the Animals