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Born in captivity in South Africa, Victor was destined to become a conservation ambassador from the beginning.  He came to Wild Wonders as a special ambassador with an important role to educate people about the endangered Cheetah.  Victor is very social; he purrs constantly and is completely content when people are near him.  Victor is the ultimate vampire cat, preferring to lay in the shade whenever possible.  He loves big beef bones which are a special treat several times a week.  His favorite activity is to roll on his soft lawn and attack the tall grasses in his exercise area.  Wild bunnies and lizards are his friends and often share his enclosure.

Our sweet beautiful Masika came to us all the way from South Africa where she was already an impressive ambassador for her wild cousins. Unfortunately, after her arrival, we noticed lameness in her legs.  After extensive orthopedic exams and xrays she was diagnosed with luxation of her patellas (floating kneecaps).  In order to keep our girl comfortable, she has been trained to readily accept Adequan injections to help lubricate her joints.  Masika’s ailments don’t slow this girl down a bit and your adoption fees continue to keep her comfortable and pain free.

Hasani is the newest cheetah at Wild Wonders.  Less than a year old, he is still a ball of fire.  His permanent digs are now down with Victor and Masika in our recently expanded cheetah area.   He loves trotting around his enclosure carrying a volleyball, or anything else we offer him.  Since his arrival in May, we have been working on his socialization skills, and he made his first public appearance at our Wine and Canvas “Meet a Cheetah, Paint a Cheetah” fundraiser event in July.  We continue to work with him so he can follow in Victor’s footsteps of raising money for our global cheetah conservation partners.

You can also purchase a custom “Paw Print Painting” from one of our cheetahs. Find these offerings and other products in our “Shop for Merchandise” section, or as you check out.

Adoptions are for one year and include:

  • An adoption certificate
  • A 4×6 photo of your animal
  • A biography and photo of your animal
  • A fact sheet on your animal’s species
  •  2 updates during the year about your animal

Please Note: Adoption fees are not tax deductible.

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