Bearcat Activity Kit



A family of 5 bearcats (or binturongs) call Wild Wonders their forever home.  The three siblings Sabah, Indah, and Wolfman were born to Buddha and Shiva rather unexpectedly.  They had to be hand-raised because Shiva didn’t know what to do with them  Since then, these three active bearcats have become amazing ambassadors for their species.

This downloadable Bearcat Activity Kit includes, photos, biographies, puzzles, fun activities, along with information about the fascinating Binturong species.

Each Activity kit comes with a 10-15 minute LIVE video chat between you, one of our senior keepers and one of the cheetahs!  How exciting is that!

After you order your kit, send an email to to set up a time for your personal call.

The price is $53.86, which is $50.00 for the kit and $3.86 sales tax.

All proceeds from this kit are used directly in support of our animals.  Thank you!