Animal Experiences:

  • We offer special encounters with some of our animals:
    • Meet and Greet a Cheetah
    • Meet and Feed a Bearcat
    • Fennec Fox and Friends
    • Wallaby Walkabout
    • Cat Training 101
    • Reptiles from Around the World
    • Ultimate Animal Interaction Experience
    • Brunch with the Beasts
  • All include a tour of our facility where you”ll meet many more of our ambassadors..  See our Interactive Animal Experiences page for current offerings and prices.


Day Camps:


School Programs:

  • Classroom presentations start at $350
  • Library Programs start at $350
  • Assembly presentations start at $375
    • Fees DO NOT include mileage
    • Additional charges will apply for programs after 4:00PM
  • Field Trips – Call for specific pricing and details


Scout Troops:

  • On-site scout programs are available for $12/child, with a minimum of 12 children required
  • One adult is free, and additional adults are $20


Birthday Parties:

  • Off-site Birthday party fees are $350 and up (Base fee is for up to 24 attendees).
    • Additional fees (starting at $50) will apply for groups of 25 or more & parties starting at 4:00 PM or later.
    • Additional travel fees applied for locations outside North San Diego County.


Special Events:

  • Event fees start at $395 for the first hour
  • $275 for each additional hour
  • Fees DO NOT include mileage
  • Additional fees will apply outside of San Diego County or out of State