Snapshots and Videos of Hasani

Our cheetah Hasani came to Wild Wonders in 2017.  Hasani means “handsome” in Swahili, and we think you’ll agree!

Below you’ll find some photos and links to videos to our facebook page.


Early photos of Hasani.  You can still see his “mantle”.

Hasani very young

Hasani juvenile

Hasani at about one year old.  Those are some pretty serious claws!

Hasani and pumpkin

Hasani’s first appearance on TV

Hasani first TV appearance

Hasani is a wonderful ambassador for his species.  His appearances raise money for our cheetah conservation partners.

Hasani at cheetah conservation event

Second birthday

Hasanis 2 year birthday

Third birthday

Hasani third birthday

Fourth birthday

Hasani at 4

Fifth birthday

Hasani 5th birthday

Links to FB videos

Hasani purring

Who doesn’t like to have their fur combed?

Time for a “paw-dicure”