Everything you Want to Know about Cats

Revered by ancient Egyptians, feared in the Middle Ages, cats remain a mystery to us all.  From the 90 million cats in the US that share homes with humans, to their wild cousins around the world, we are fascinated by felines.

Wild Wonders is hosting a very special Zoom broadcast in which you’ll go into our “keepers only” areas to visit with our cats, on Saturday, July 11 at 10:00AM, California time.

We’ll bring you close to a cheetah, share some training time with a serval, and meet our newest arrival: Tashi, a two month old Siberian Lynx kitten.

Join us to learn why we’re so intrigued by them, and what conservation efforts are underway to protect them in the wild.

As a special treat, we’ll provide all participants with a version of our Cheetah Activity Kit, enhanced especially for this event.

To participate, you’ll need to download the free Zoom software onto your computer, tablet, or phone.  We’ll send you the meeting link and you’ll just need to click on it to join.  Grab the entire family and gather around to watch this special event.

The cost is $25 per connection (computer, tablet, or phone).  Zoom will support 97 simultaneous connections, so reserve your spot today!