Why Travel to Africa with Wild Ecotours

Traveling with Wild Ecotours is different.  Our tour groups are small, and we pride ourselves in having a casual atmosphere.  While some places we stay have specific mealtimes, other venues are small camps where we are the only guests.  Our accommodations often include local handmade furnishings, and occasionally luxurious plunge pools in our jungle trips.  It’s typical to relax around a campfire in the evening, getting to know your fellow travelers and sharing stories about the great places you have visited.

We do provide some high value items that you don’t find on other trips.  A private ranger and expert wildlife guide accompany us during our game drives, a private chef prepares our meals, and we arrange meetings with conservationists on the front lines.  Unlike other bush experiences, our trackers are constantly scanning the ground for prints, which we follow to many surprising sightings.

Our intimate conservation minded Eco-adventures are truly unique experiences that create memories for a lifetime.

This is the homey atmosphere of South Africa we love, and we delight in sharing it with each of our tour participants.

Jackie Navarro is degreed Biologist, wildlife educator, behaviorist, and author who has traveled extensively in Africa for over 15 years.  She is involved in multiple conservation efforts in Africa as well as in Asia.

Kimberly Wright is a degreed Biologist with emphasis in marine biology, an avid scuba diver, and educator.  For over 25 years she has sought out unique conservation-minded wildlife experiences throughout the globe both above and below the water.

Wild Ecotours is registered with the State of California.  CST 2142988-50