Earth Day Zoo Camp

Earth Day Zoo Camp is over for 2022, but our Summer Zoo Camps are ready for booking.  We hope you can join us then.


On this Earth Day, grab your passport and take a trip around the world where you’ll meet animal ambassadors from almost every continent!  What could be a better way to learn about the many and varied ecological regions on the planet than to meet some of the animals that call them home than in one of our four hour Earth Day Zoo Camps?

Our half-day Earth Day Zoo Camp is for children between 6 and 12 years old.  In the camp, they’ll meet animals from the rain forest, the plains of Africa, the deserts, and the outback of Australia.  Our skilled educators will teach the campers about various adaptations and survival strategies employed by the animals, using fun, interactive games and activities. The camp includes interactions and unique animal encounters with a range of exotic animals.

And, to cement the Earth Day theme, they’ll learn about what they can do to give them a better future.

These special one-day Earth Day Zoo Camps will be offered only twice:  Friday, April 22, OR Saturday, April 23.  The day begins at 9AM and runs through 1PM, with time for a snack around 11.  As nutritional needs differ for each child, we ask that children bring their own snacks.

The price is $85/child, and each camp has a limit of 12 children.

We love our animals and want to keep them safe and we know you do too!  Therefore as we have COVID sensitive species and vaccinations are not yet available for many animals, MASKS ARE REQUIRED.  Frequent hand sanitizing and social distancing guidelines will be followed.


Earth Day Zoo Camp