Arctictus Binturong Conservation

Each year Arctictus Binturong Conservation hosts a worldwide event celebrating Binturongs and raising awareness of their dwindling numbers in their native habitats.  This year marks the 7th anniversary of this event!

ABConservation is an international organization that focuses exclusively on Binturongs.  Their people in the field in Southeast Asia are studying habits, attaching radio collars, and viewing information collected from camera traps.  This is done to understand more about these illusive, arboreal creatures so that we can turn around their drastic decline.

The ABConservation website contains a wealth of information about their field work, educational resources and games for children, and of course everything you ever wanted to know about Binturongs.

Wild Wonders is pleased to have ABConservation as one of our conservation partners.  If you would like to make a donation to ABConservation, you can do that via their website, or by going here on our website.  We will consolidate all donations and forward them to ABConservation.

To learn more about ABConservation, click the button nearby.  To get up close and personal to a Binturong, check out our “Meet and Feed a Bearcat Experience” on our Experience web page..

7th Anniversary of World Binturong Day