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World Endangered Species Day 2018

  • Posted On April 23, 2018
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World Endangered Species Day is Friday, May 18. On Saturday, May 19, Wild Wonders is hosting a special event to honor one of the most endangered species of all: the Cheetah.

Join us from 2:00 – 4:00PM outside our Cheetah enclosure for an opportunity to see our Cheetahs, and to create your very own Cheetah masterpiece. Our friends at Wine and Canvas have created a custom painting of one of our Cheetahs, and the artist will guide you with step-by-step instructions so you can have a beautiful piece of art to take home. They will supply the canvas, paint, an easel, and an apron, and Wild Wonders will furnish the wine.

For the very reasonable price of $65, you’ll have two hours of fun with your friends, up close views of Cheetahs, a gorgeous picture that YOU painted, and some nice wine. Plus, Wild Wonders will contribute a portion of the proceeds to Cheetah Outreach in South Africa, one of our conservation partners.

Space is limited, so don’t wait too long to sign up!

Opening Day thoughts

Hey there Padre fans!

Cody here.  Trying to calm down after the Opening Day excitement.  It was a perfect day for baseball.  The temperature was in the mid-70s.  The stands were filled with fans who’d called in to work or school with a case of “Baseball Flu”.  Our newest HOF member, Trevor Hoffman, threw out the first ball.  What could be better?

A win.  I know this is only the first game of the season, and there are 161 games yet to play.  We had some great defense early on with a couple of double plays, and the bats woke up in the 7th inning.  The 11th was a real nail-biter, and I thought we were going to win.  Not in the cards for us today.

And, OBTW, who thinks flyovers are a good idea?  I guess if you’re a human, four noisy jets flying overhead may be thrilling.  But, I can tell you that if you’re a bird and you see something very large and very fast flying ABOVE you, it’s not a comforting thought.

There’s going to be some great giveaways this Opening Day weekend, so if I could get to the park, I’d be there to get in on the great swag.

Keep the faith.  The season is young.

Go Padres!


Cody’s first post!

Greetings Padre fans!


It’s Cody here.  As the 2018 baseball season progresses, I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you on how our Padres are doing.

Just one thing:  I’m a parrot.  Actually, I’m a Milicinth Macaw, and a handsome one at that.  To keep me entertained, my friends at Wild Wonders let me listen to the radio.  Finally, they figured out that I like to listen to day games.  I’ve been telling them for years that I’m a baseball fan, but they keep playing music.  What’s up with that?  I guess since the only sounds I can make are conversational sounding squawks and extremely loud squawks that can be heard in Fallbrook, it took them a while to figure it out.

How can you not be happy when Spring Training has started again?  This is the time of year when hope springs eternal.  Baseball diamonds in Arizona and Florida are filled with young prospects working hard to get a spot on the team, and the veterans are getting back in shape after having a few months off.  Andy Green is going to have a difficult time choosing his roster from all the talent that I’m hearing about on the broadcasts.

Opening Day is next week against the Brewers!  I can hardly wait for my first hot dog of the season.  Yum.


Go Padres!

Group Outings in San Diego

  • Posted On February 21, 2018
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You’ve taken your team bowling, to the movies, out for pizza, and for a picnic at the local park.  Having trouble thinking of something new for a group outing?  Want something that is more than just an experience that is forgotten in a week?

Sign your team up for a field trip to Wild Wonders.  Our 10 acre wild animal refuge in San Diego’s North County houses over 120 animal ambassadors – everything from cheetahs to armadillos to kinkajous to wallabies to porcupines, birds of prey, and reptiles.  One of of our professional biologists will host your team for a one hour tour of our facility, and while learning about the animals, you’ll also hear about conservation efforts helping to protect their natural habitat.

To make the conservation message even stronger, you are guaranteed to interact with a few of our ambassadors.  When you touch an animal, you can’t help but develop a bond that makes you care about them.  Want to get a photo of Julie petting a porcupine?  Or Jamal touching a bearcat?  Or maybe Susie with one of our snakes?  How fun would those be to share around the office?

Our tours and field trips consistently are five star rated, and our prices are reasonable.  To request a reservation, use the form on the “Tours and Field Trips” page accessible by clicking on this button.

Animal Experiences in San Diego

  • Posted On January 15, 2018
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Looking for Unique Animal Experiences in San Diego?

Wild Wonders is a 10 acre wild animal refuge in San Diego’s North County with over 120 animal ambassadors.  Besides offering educational programs and private tours, special close-up encounters are available.

Already know which one you want?  Fill out the Reservation Request form on our Tours and Field Trips page.


Additional Information:

The price for the Breakfast with the Beasts encounter is $450 for two people.  The other encounters are $425 for two people.  NOTE that we occasionally offer special pricing; call us at 760 630 9230 for our current offers.

All encounters come with a tour of our facility.

To request an encounter, either call us at 760 630 9230, or fill in the Reservation Request form on our Tours and Field Trips page by clicking HERE