You’ve taken your team bowling, to the movies, out for pizza, and for a picnic at the local park.  Having trouble thinking of something new for a group outing?  Want something that is more than just an experience that is forgotten in a week?

Sign your team up for a field trip to Wild Wonders.  Our 10 acre wild animal refuge in San Diego’s North County houses over 120 animal ambassadors – everything from cheetahs to armadillos to kinkajous to wallabies to porcupines, birds of prey, and reptiles.  One of of our professional biologists will host your team for a one hour tour of our facility, and while learning about the animals, you’ll also hear about conservation efforts helping to protect their natural habitat.

To make the conservation message even stronger, you are guaranteed to interact with a few of our ambassadors.  When you touch an animal, you can’t help but develop a bond that makes you care about them.  Want to get a photo of Julie petting a porcupine?  Or Jamal touching a bearcat?  Or maybe Susie with one of our snakes?  How fun would those be to share around the office?

Our tours and field trips consistently are five star rated, and our prices are reasonable.  To request a reservation, use the form on the “Tours and Field Trips” page accessible by clicking on this button.

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