Wallaby Encounters in San Diego

Wallaby Encounter

Piper, Taz, and Kiki our Bennett’s Wallabies, are very sweet and call Wild Wonders in San Diego their forever home. In this Wallaby Walkabout Encounter, you’ll accompany one of our keeper / educators into their habitat where you’ll offer them some of their favorite treats.  While there, you’ll learn all about them, where they came from, their interesting adaptations and how these adaptations help wallabies be successful in the wild.

You’ll also meet the companions that share their habitat – three fun and inquisitive Patagonian Cavies named Chico, Chalupa, and Chui, aka “The Three Amigos”.

Wallaby Encounter

Wallaby Encounter

Wallaby Walkabout Encounter in San Diego


  • Prices begin at $285 for 4 people over the age of 6.
  • Additional people ages 12 and over:  $50.
  • Additional people ages 6-12:  $25.

Included in this price is a tour of our 5-acre facility where you’ll come face to face with many more exciting animal ambassadors from around the world.

You can combine your Wallaby Encounter with additional Animal Encounters to customize your visit to Wild Wonders.  Get more information about them by clicking the “See more Animal Encounters” button.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Wallaby Encounter

Will there be other people visiting our wallabies at the same time?

No.  Your encounter with the wallabies and the Three Amigos will be exclusively for your group.

What will I get to feed them?

All of our animal ambassadors get “enrichment” every day, and we mix it up.  Some of their favorite treats are leaves from the mulberry tree in their habitat.

Do I have to wear anything special to the Wallaby Encounter?

The only thing we require are closed toed shoes.  This is because Wallabies are very susceptible to disease, and you will need to dip the bottom of your shoes into an antiseptic bath before entering.


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Testimonials about visiting Wild Wonders

“Excellent visit- the docents are passionate, knowledgeable, and delightful. The animals are amazing!”  –ar

“An amazing experience for animal lovers. The facility was beautifully kept, the animals were clearly loved and well cared for, and the staff was friendly, knowledgeable and caring. I would highly recommend a visit!”  -mj

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