Mommy and Me Hedgehog Event

Mommy and Me Hedgehog Event

Our “Mommy and Me” event will let you get up close and personal with one of our adorable hedgehogs, and then let an artist help you and your child each make your very own portrait of him!

Hedgehogs are some of our most popular ambassadors.  They seem to have universal appeal to boys and girls and adults and children.  For such a small spikey critter, they are HUGE on the interaction enjoyment scale.

Your 60-90 minute adventure will begin by meeting one of our hedgehogs.  Our keeper / educator will tell you all about them – where they’re from, what they do to protect themselves (besides the spikes), and what they spend their days doing.

Then, a professional artist from local company ArtSmarts will guide you step-by-step to produce great chalk drawings of your new friend.

“Mommy and Me” will be on June 17 at 10:00AM.  The cost for a parent and one child (ages 5+) is $90.  Additional children ages 5-11:  $40; additional adults (12+):  $50.  This is a great family event, so grab the nieces, nephews, and cousins and sign up!


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