It's a Girl

About 9 weeks old

Surprises sometimes happen.  And boy were we surprised when we heard little baby cries from our bearcat habitat!

This little bearcat bundle of joy is growing nicely and is very sweet, very noisy, inquisitive, and playful.

YOU can be among the FIRST members of the public to meet this adorable new little bearcat.

Join us on May 18 at 11AM for a VERY special introduction.  Jackie will host a little get together featuring snacks and beverages.  She’ll also tell you about our conservation partner, Arctictus Binturong Conservation, and the work they are doing to help keep their habitat safe.  There is a limit of 15 guests, and the price is $105/person.  Since we will be serving alcohol, this event is limited to 21+ only.

We know you’ll have a great time.  Sign up quickly, as only a few seats remain.


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