Sundowner Fundraiser for Cheetah Conservation Fund

We are SO GRATEFUL that our fundraiser for Cheetah Cubs has sold out!

You can still make a difference for these little cubs by making a donation using the “Donate” button nearby.  All amounts are welcome, and the money raised will go to the Cheetah Conservation Fund earmarked for their safe houses.

To show our appreciation for your donation, we are offering some special “thank you” gifts for various donation levels.

  • $50 – a cheetah “pawprint painting” from one of our cheetahs
  • $100 – a “symbolic adoption” of one of Wild Wonders’ cheetahs
  • $500 – a Behind the Scenes tour of Wild Wonders for 4 people (a $150 value!)



Recent news stories show very disturbing videos and photos of Cheetah cubs being smuggled out of Somalia by the illegal pet trade.  Photos of emaciated tiny cubs and the containers they were stored in are absolutely heartbreaking.  If they survive their dangerous transit, they become pets and status symbols of the very rich, where they often do not survive more than a year or two.  Links to more information and news stories are on the website.

With less than 7500 Cheetahs in the wild, every cub is precious.

Several organizations are working together to halt the trafficking of Cheetahs, and the number of “safe” zones in Somalia to care for rescued animals is woefully inadequate.  YOU CAN HELP GIVE THESE CUBS A SECOND CHANCE!

Enjoy wine, light appetizers, animal meet and greets, a special meeting with one of Wild Wonders very own ambassador cheetahs, auction items and a very special video presentation from Dr. Laurie Marker, Founder and Executive Director of CCF.

Tickets are $65 per person.  Since alcohol will be served, no one under 21 can attend.

Recent articles, photos, and videos can be accessed by clicking the button below.  BE WARNED that some of the content may be quite disturbing.