FAQ about Birthday Parties

Frequently asked questions about Birthday Parties

How far do you travel for Birthday Parties?

Wild Wonders is located in Southern California, about 40 miles north of San Diego.  We do serve the entire state, subject to additional fees for long distances.  We do not travel out of state.

How long do the parties last?

The formal presentation lasts roughly 45 minutes.  However, we always arrive 15 minutes early to set up.  Please provide an area where we can do so in an area away from the main party.  Also, as we have to transport 6 animals in their crates, please assist us in having parking available nearby.

Are there age limits for children?

We know touching an animal is a big thrill for everyone, but children under 5 are not permitted to touch reptiles.  This is for the child’s safety as much as it is for the animal.

Will the kids really get to touch some of your animals?

Yes!  The keeper / educator from Wild Wonders will be a trained biologist and keeper, and can judge which of our ambassadors are having a good day and would be ready to meet you.  As mentioned above, close interactions with some animals may not be appropriate for children under the age of 5.

What help do you need from the adults?

Our keepers have extensive experience with the animals, and the animals we bring have participated in our outreach programs before.  Having said that, they are still wild animals.  For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, please help keep the kids from getting too close to the animals unless the keeper has invited them to do so.

Also, we appreciate you not serving snacks, cake, other food during our presentation.  Many of our animals have highly sensitive noses, and can be distracted by scents.

Does it make any difference if the party is indoors or outdoors?

Yes it does.  Some animals are flight risks, and we do not bring them outdoors.  For the widest selection of animals, an indoor party is best.  We will work with you on the right animal selection for your venue.

We want to have the party in a park.  Is there anything special we should know?

You will need to work with the organization that runs the park, as you may need a permit for animals.  We can provide you with copies of our liability policy.

The weather looks like it’s going to rain!  The weather is going to be excessively hot!  Can we postpone?

If you are not able to make arrangements for the party to be held indoors, you can reschedule without losing your deposit.