FAQ about Visiting Wild Wonders

Frequently asked questions about visiting Wild Wonders

Do we have to have a tour?  Can’t we just walk around?

Two of the big reasons that people visit Wild Wonders are our personalized tours, and the ability to interact with and touch some of our wild animals.  Our tours are led by degreed, experienced keepers who work with all of our animals.  They will personally take you through our facility, introduce the animals to you, tell you their stories, talk about the challenges they face in the wild, and answer your questions.  And on each tour our keepers know which animals are having “good fur days”, and would be suitable for personal interactions with you.  Both the personalize tour and the animal interactions make this a very rich visit.

Are there age limits for children to visit?

We do not have age limits for our tours and field trips, but there are two things to consider.  First of all, our paths are gravel and are not stroller-friendly.  The second consideration has to do with our animal interactions.  During your visit, our staff will bring some of our ambassadors out of their enclosures for a personal meet and greet.  We know touching an animal is a big thrill for everyone, but depending on the animal, children under 5 may not be permitted to touch.  This is for the child’s safety as much as it is for the animal.

Age limits are listed on the Interactive Animal Experience page under each experience.

Will we really get to touch some of your animals?

Yes!  Your guide will be a trained biologist and keeper, and can judge which of our ambassadors are having a good day and would be ready to meet you.  We cannot promise which animals you will meet, as we never force our ambassadors out of their comfort zone.  Even animals can have a “bad fur” day.  As mentioned above, close interactions with some animals may not be appropriate for children under the age of 5.

Can we have lunch there?

If you would like to use one of our lunch areas, they are available at an additional charge.

We also recommend two lovely nearby parks for picnic lunches:  Guajome Regional Park in Oceanside (about 5 miles away) and Live Oak Park in Fallbrook (about 8 miles away).

Are there vending machines?

No.  Wild Wonders is a working refuge.  Generally, the only people onsite are our staff and volunteers performing their daily husbandry duties, and they bring their lunch.  We suggest you arrive ready to visit, having brought water on hot days.

Our restroom facilities are very limited as well.

Can we take photos?

YES!  You are welcome to take photos for personal use, and share them with your family and friends.  However, you are not permitted to use photos for commercial purposes.

We’d like to visit, but some people in our group use walkers.  Can we still come?

The safety of our guests is very important to us, and since our facility has uneven terrain and stairs, we offer modified tours for those who would like to meet our ambassadors.  We will seat the group on an area with level terrain, and bring the animals out to meet the group.  Please let us know before your visit that you require a modified tour, and we will be happy to have that arranged for you.

What else should we know about visiting Wild Wonders?

  • Because of the gravel paths, wear closed-toes shoes.
  • Bring your camera! You are welcome to take as many photos as you like.  However, you are not permitted to use the photos for commercial purposes.
  • If it’s a hot day, bring water and dress appropriately.