Custom Programs For Scouts of All Ages!

Wild Wonders is the perfect place for your scouts to interact with our 130+ wildlife ambassadors and on-staff biologists, life scientists, and animal trainers to meet their Wildlife badge requirements. If you’re not working on a specific merit or Try-It badge, simply bring your troop for one of our interactive education programs and earn a fun patch.

Onsite Group Program details:

One hour interactive On-site Scouting programs start at $100 for up to 9 scouts and one adult. For larger groups the following rates are added accordingly:

$10 per additional scout

$15 per additional adult

$50 for each additional half hour for groups that want more than a one hour program.

All of our on-site scouting programs include a tour of the facility and hands-on interactive sessions lead by one of our on-staff biologists or life scientists, and at least 6 furry, feathered, or scaly wildlife ambassador encounters.  Come have your troop find out why a binturong smells like popcorn and how they help the environment.

Off-site Scouting Program details:

If you can’t get your troup to our wildlife rescue and education center, that is ok. At least one of our degreed biologists or life scientists can come to you with up to 6 animal ambassadors for your own interactive wildlife education session.

Offsite programs are 45 minutes to 1 hour long and start at $295.

Examples of merit and Try-It badges we can support:

  • Cub Scout – Share your World with Wildlife
  • Daisy Scout – Watching Wildlife Try-IT
  • Brownies – Watching Wildlife Try-IT
  • Brownies – Animal Try-IT
  • Boy Scout – Reptile and Amphibian Study
  • Boy Scout – Mammal Study
  • Boy Scout – Bird Study
  • Junior Girl Scout – Wildlife Merit Badge

We can customize your scouting program the way you need it. Just let us know which Wildlife badge you’re working on and specific criteria can be arranged with our staff to ensure the merits for the badge will be met. Simply give us a call, email or fill in the reservation form on the contact page with your request and the number of scouts.

Contact us about our opportunities for Eagle and Gold Award projects for individual scouts.

Here’s some feedback from a local Brownie troop that visited and had a great time!