Earth Day Tours

Earth Day reminds us how amazing our planet is, and yet how vulnerable it is as well.

Rich in diverse habitats and the animals that call them home, most of us never see many of these far away places.  Let Wild Wonders turn this Earth Day into your Passport to the World!

Our one hour tours will feature animal ambassadors from just about every corner of the Earth: from rain forests, the wilds of Down Under, and African savannahs, to our own big wonderful backyard.

Your child will get a passport to fill in with answers provided by your tour guide, and at the end will receive a small prize.

Learn how you can become a steward for the environment with these family-friendly, interactive, and fun tours.

Tours are Saturday, April 20 at 10:30 and 1:00 and last about an hour.  Adults (ages 12+) are $39; children (5-11) are $20.


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