Cheetah Encounter in San Diego

In our “Meet and Greet a Cheetah” Cheetah Encounter, you will meet one of the most endangered animals in the world.  Wild Wonders in San Diego has three cheetahs that are ambassadors for their species.

Masika at Wild Wonders

Meet Hasani the cheetah

Meet Tavi

Cheetah Encounters in San Diego

While the cheetah is sitting majestically surveying his surroundings, your “Cheetah Chat” with your private keeper / educator will educate you on all things Cheetah.  In your Cheetah Encounter, you’ll learn about their special adaptations that make them the fastest cat in the wild, the critical survival challenges they face in the wild, and the extensive, heroic, and amazing efforts by our conservation partners in Africa.



  • The price is $395 for 4 people over the age of 12.
  • Additional people ages 12 and over:  $50.

Included in this price is a tour of our 5-acre facility where you’ll come face to face with many more exciting animal ambassadors from around the world.

You can combine your Cheetah Encounter with additional Animal Encounters to customize your visit to Wild Wonders.  Get more information about them by clicking the “See more Animal Encounters” button.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Cheetah Encounter

Will I get to pet the cheetah?

NO.  Federal law prevents any physical interaction with Cheetahs.  However, we will bring one of our cheetahs out of their exercise yard on a leash, and you will be able to stand nearby.

Do I need to avoid wearing any particular types of clothing or perfume during the Encounter?

If you are wearing a hat, we may ask you to remove it.


Testimonials about our Cheetah Encounters

Meet and Greet a Cheetah

“Wild Wonders is such an amazing place. If you have the opportunity please go. My daughter wanted to meet a cheetah for Birthday present and Wild Wonders made her wish come true. Everyone there is kind and knowledgeable. We had a great time and we will be back.” – jl

“My family and I had so much fun at Wild Wonders. We learned about animal conservation and got to meet great critters while doing it. We met Victor the cheetah and he was gorgeous! It is obvious that the people of Wild Wonders love what they do and care-taking for the animals.” – ca


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