Cheetah Camp



International Cheetah Day is in early December, and to honor that day, we’re holding THREE half-day camps on November 22, 23, and 24.

Like our Summer Zoo Camps, our Cheetah camps are aimed at kids between the ages between 6 and 12 that LOVE animals, especially the majestic cheetah.  This is a great opportunity for kids to get to know more about the cheetahs that call Wild Wonders home, Hasani and Masika, and the challenges their cousins face in the wild.

Although focused on “all things cheetah”, our staff of keeper / educators will devote part of the day to our other ambassador animals from all over the world. Campers will help care for a selection of the 100+ exotic animals that make their home at Wild Wonders. Our skilled educators will teach the campers about various adaptations and survival strategies employed by the animals, using fun, interactive games and activities. The camp includes interactions and unique animal encounters with a range of exotic animals.

These special Cheetah Camps are offered three days only:  November 22 – 24.  The day begins at 9AM and runs through 1PM, with time for a snack around 11.  As nutritional needs differ for each child, we ask that children bring their own snacks.

The price is $85/child, and each camp has a limit of 12 children.

We love our animals and we know you do too!  Therefore as we have COVID sensitive species, MASKS ARE REQUIRED.  Frequent hand sanitizing and social distancing guidelines will be followed.