Buck$ for Bints

With the fifth anniversary of World Binturong Day coming up on May 11, we’d like your help to raise money which will go directly to one of our partners, Arctictus Binturong Conservation (http://en.abconservation.org/).

Wild Wonders currently has 5 binturongs:  Shiva, Buddha, Indah, Sabah, and Wolfman.  They are very active participants in our Walk on the Wild Side education programs and our Meet and Feed a Bearcat Animal Experience.

Our campaign, “BUCK$ FOR BINTS”, will raise money for ABConservation, an organization that is dedicated to protecting the binturong, or bearcat, which has been declared as VULNERABLE by the IUCN.

These arboreal animals are found in Southeast Asia, and their numbers have decreased by 30% in the past 20 years.  Deforestation for planting of palm oil, teak, and rubber trees has meant that their habitat has been reduced and they are living closer to people, which generally does not lead to good results.

Before you can protect them, you have to learn about them.  ABConservation’s efforts to date have included

  • Creating a Bearcat Study Program on Palawan Island in the Philippines
  • Installing camera traps on the ground and in trees to observe them in their natural habitat
  • Developing radio collars to track their range
  • Raising local awareness of the bearcat which is a representative of their region
  • Encouraging sustainable development practices
  • Establish a yearly World Binturong Day.

Your donation in any amount can help ABConservation efforts.  Here’s a list of some of their costs:

  • $5 will purchase the way back and forth to the field for their scientific officer
    $10 will purchase the food for the whole team for one day in the field
    $20 will buy veterinary supplies for the rescue center of Palawan for a month
    $50 will pay for one month salary of one of their guides
    $100 will purchase educational materials for one month
    $200 will purchase one camera-trap
    $4000 will purchase one radio-collar

We would like to raise $250, and will contribute a portion of all of our Meet and Feed a Bearcat Animal Experiences in May.  Additionally, one of Wild Wonders’ supporters has pledged a ONE-FOR-ONE dollar match up to the first $100.

Thank you so much for your contribution!

Jackie and the staff at Wild Wonders, and the staff at ABConservation.

Make a donation to Arctictus Binturong Conservation