Brunch with the Beasts

Victor the Cheetah




Imagine enjoying a delightful brunch just feet away from one of the most endangered large cats in the world!


While dining on a sumptuous breakfast consisting of a yogurt and fruit parfait bar, a hot egg dish, breads or pastries, and coffee, tea, or juice, you’ll be watching one of our Cheetahs relaxing in the Cheetah exercise yard.

We have three Cheetahs:  Victor, Masika, and Hasani.  Victor is the senior of the group and is 12 years old.  Masika, the only female, is almost 6, and Hasani, is just over a year old.  Each has his or her own personality, and your guide will tell you all about how they came to be at Wild Wonders, and how we work with them to keep them happy and healthy.

You’ll then learn about the efforts of our conservation partners in Africa.  We work with three highly regarded organizations:  Cheetah Outreach, Cheetah Conservation, and Cheetah Conservation Botswana.

After your breakfast and time with the Cheetahs, you’ll enjoy an engaging, interactive tour of Wild Wonders where you’ll meet our other animal ambassadors.  Call or email us if you have further questions!




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Includes: Behind the Scenes Interactive Tour

Duration: About 2 hours

Age requirement: 12 YEARS OR OLDER

Price: $395 for 2 people; additional people $50 each

Offered: Any day of the week at 9AM

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It’s an incredible experience!

— kh