Ask the Keeper

As a wildlife education organization, Wild Wonders supports and encourages learning about the many animals with whom we share our planet.

We have instituted the “Ask the Keeper” program so that kids can fire off those burning questions to someone who will likely know the answer.  Want to know if porcupines can throw their quills?  Or why bush babies have such big eyes?  Or maybe what do tortoises like to eat?  Here’s your chance to ask!

Questions don’t have to be about our animal ambassadors, but to get some ideas here are links to some of our animals:


How it works:

  • You fill in the form below with your question
  • We will pick one question a week and answer it
  • The answer will be emailed to the person or class that asked it, and both the question and answer will be posted on our website

Our promise to you is that we will NOT use your contact information for marketing purposes.  If you’d like to be kept in the know about Wild Wonders, you can join our mailing list here.


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