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Our beloved Penelopea is a North American porcupine, and has played many roles in here short life.  After being cast off from a television show she was soon cast as an ambassador at a zoo that found they could not provide the necessary enclosures to house her.   Wild Wonders couldn’t let this starlet miss her chance to continue as the famed “creature-teacher” she was becoming, and took her in at the young age of sixth months and introduced her to millions of adoring fans.  Penelopea has a sweet face and temperament and is one of the most popular creature-teachers in our Big Back Yard Wildlife Education Programs.

Earlier this year, Penelopea’s congenital neurological disorder got worse, and she began to drag her back legs.  Via a very generous response to a gofundme request from her many fans, we were able to get her an MRI to diagnose the problem.  She was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, and is now on medication which gives her more mobility, but she requires constant monitoring and occasional adjustments to her meds to keep our little Penelopea the happy girl we know and love.

You can also purchase a custom small, medium, or large “Paw Print Painting” from Penelopea. Find these offerings and other products in our “Shop for Merchandise” section, or as you check out.

Adoptions are for one year and include:

  • An adoption certificate
  • A 4×6 photo of your animal
  • A biography and photo of your animal
  • A fact sheet on your animal’s species
  •  2 updates during the year about your animal

Please Note: Adoption fees are not tax deductible.

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