Bundle of Binturongs Adoption Kit


Downloadable adoption kit for our Binturongs



Although now fully grown, our Binturong siblings were quite tiny when they surprised us one chilly morning.  We didn’t know how old their parents were when they arrived, but they appeared to still be too young to be parents.  When Indah, Sabah, and Wolfman made their appearance, their mother Shiva had no idea what to do with them.  To save their lives, we stepped in and hand reared the pups.

They are wonderful ambassadors for their species.  Most people have never heard of or seen a Binturong, but after meeting these three, they are fascinated about the arboreal lives these animals live in Southeast Asia.

In the downloadable adoption kit, you will receive an “Adoption Certificate” where you can fill in the name of the person who is the recipient.  Also included are photos, a biography, and information about the Binturong species.

All adoption proceeds go directly to the care of our animals.

Thank you!