Wish Lists

Besides the expense of food and veterinary care, Wild Wonders incurs a lot of expense to keep our animals’ environment clean and safe, and to provide enrichment to keep them happy and stimulated.

Our keepers have put together a few “wish lists” on Amazon that contain Supplies and Enrichment items that we can use.

While the Supplies List has items like ladders and drill bit sets, it also contains such mundane things as Simple Green cleaner.  Good Zoological practices as well as regulatory requirements mean that we clean enclosures, walls, and floors everyday.  We seemingly go through gallons of Simple Green each month!

On the Behavior Enrichment List, you’ll find a lot of the toys that we use to keep our family engaged during both the day and the night.  We have many active minds, and hiding the food in puzzles for our foxes and primates keeps their brain active by simulating the experiences they would have if they were in the wild.

Thank you!

This little Fennec Fox has quite an active mind, and we work hard to give him something interesting every day.  Here he’s carrying a slice of a pumpkin which we made with our leftover Halloween decorations.  But sometimes dog toys / puzzles are a welcome change.