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Cody is a hybrid macaw called a “Milicinth” macaw, which is a cross between the more common Hyacinth and the green Military macaw.  He was previously owned in a household.  We were able to provide a forever home for this highly intelligent bird full of character.  Cody appears regularly in our Rainforest education program, as its very stimulating for him to go on car rides as well as be around people and activity.  Cody’s favorite treats are goobers and macadamia nuts.  Macaws are highly intelligent and need to stay busy so your adoption fee will help provide that stimulation for this character!

Adoptions are for one year and include:

  • An adoption certificate
  • A 4×6 photo of your animal
  • A biography and photo of your animal
  • A fact sheet on your animal’s species
  •  2 updates during the year about your animal

Please Note: Adoption fees are not tax deductible.