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Animal Experiences in San Diego

Looking for Unique Animal Experiences in San Diego?

Wild Wonders is a 10 acre wild animal refuge in San Diego’s North County with over 120 animal ambassadors.  Besides offering educational programs and private tours, special close-up encounters are available.

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Breakfast with the Beasts

Enjoy a lovely breakfast next to our cheetah exercise yard. One of our cheetahs, either Victor or Masika, will be in the yard, just steps away from your table.

Learn about the deWildt Wildlife Trust in South Africa where Victor and Masika were born, and how they came to Wild Wonders. Also learn about the conservation efforts that our partner in South Africa, Cheetah Outreach, is doing in the wild to save these highly endangered animals.

Meet and Feed a Bearcat

Most people have never heard of a bearcat, also known as a binturong. These unique arboreal creatures are from the rain forests in Southeast Asia, and they smell like buttered popcorn or Fritos.

Bearcats are vegetarians, and you’ll get to give them some of their favorite treats, such as grapes or banana slices. You’ll also be able to touch their long dark fur. Our partner, Actictus Binturong Conservation, has several programs underway in Southeast Asia to help these threatened animals survive as their habitat is destroyed by deforestation.

Meet and Greet a Cheetah

Imagine standing close to a cheetah! In this encounter, we’ll bring one of our cheetahs out of its enclosure on a leash, and you’ll have a photo op that you’ll never forget.

Federal law prohibits any physical interaction with cheetahs, but you’ll still be awed by being so close.  Our keepers will share personal information about our cheetahs, and you’ll learn about efforts to preserve this most endangered cat.

Wallaby Walkabout

Our wallabies Piper and Maori are some of the guest and volunteer favorites here at Wild Wonders. They are gentle herbivores, and like quiet surroundings. They share their enclosure with our Patagonian Cavies, and you’ll interact with them as well.

Although a bit shy, they’ll warm up to you when they see that you have some of their favorite treats or their daily enrichment.  With the wallabies and cavies cavorting around their home turf, a “hoppy” time will be had by all!

Be sure to wear closed-toes shoes for this encounter!  Wallabies are very sensitive to disease, and you’ll need to dip the bottoms of your shoes into the exterior disinfectant footbath before entering.

Cat Training 101

Ask anyone who has ever had a cat, and they’ll tell you that trying to train one to do anything does not often lead to success.  Now imagine that instead of a 12 pound housecat, you are trying to train a 25 pound serval or lynx with much bigger teeth and longer claws!

Servals are some of the most unique cats on the planet. They have spots and stripes, and have the longest legs for their size of any predator, which enables them to jump high in the air to capture birds.  Tiani, our Eurasian Lynx, has those wonderful tufts of hair on her ears, and is also quite adept at jumping.

You will accompany one of our keepers into their exercise pen and watch as we work with one of these animals. The keeper will show you how we build trust with them, and how the techniques we use have enabled us to better care for them.

Additional Information:

The price for the Breakfast with the Beasts encounter is $350 for two people.  The other encounters are $250 for two people.

All encounters come with a tour of our facility.

To request an encounter, either call us at 760 630 9230, or fill in the Reservation Request form on our Tours and Field Trips page by clicking HERE

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